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Residents of paradise skipping the winter headache

Alison Sierens Alison Sierens
Kendu Young Kendu Young

By Tracy Gladden - bio | email

WAIKIKI (KHNL) - People who live in paradise may be getting more visitors now that much of the mainland is in a deep freeze. This Christmas more than ever we are lucky to live Hawaii. Winter storms across the mainland cause headaches on the ground and in the air but here in Waikiki it's just another lazy day at the beach.

"The smells come back to you the beautiful fragrant smells of all the flowers," said Chicago resident Alison Sierens.

"The leis we got smell good," said her daughter Kendall Sierens.

The Sierens family is happy to be away from the frigid Midwest.

"We left on the Thursday that the really big snowstorm hit and we made it out three hours before," said Alison Sierens.

"You've go to put hats and coat, snowpants, snow boots, scarves," said Jamie Sierens.

While Kyra and Nick's friends back in Washington are under 23 inches of snow making snowmen, they are in paradise, making sand men.

During the holiday week, a mix of snow, sleet and rain are likely from coast to coast.

"They always ask me, 'What's the temperature?' 78-80. I feel bad telling them sometimes," said Honolulu resident Kendu Young.

The forecast brings back not so distant memories for Young.

"I remember walking out with my shovel I'm shoveling, I'm shoveling I shoveled this car out just to find out it's not my car!" he said.

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