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Obama expected to surf

Christina Masouras Christina Masouras
Skye Kamaunu Skye Kamaunu

By Roger Mari - bio | email

EAST OAHU (KHNL) - You may recall Barack Obama hit the surf at Sandy Beach on Oahu this past summer. Visitors and locals alike hope the president-elect makes another appearance during his Christmas vacation here in the islands.

Barack Obama made a big splash for people watching his last surf session at Sandy Beach; some visitors are excited about the possibility of surfing in the same waters as the president-elect.

"That would be a real experience I think that would really sum up my trip to Hawaii to be honest," said Visitor Christina Masouras.

Now that he's the future leader of our nation, he's drawing more attention to himself, especially when he enjoys one of Hawaii's favorite pastime activities. The lineup is sure to be crowded if he decides to hit the surf.

"If he had a better spot I'd let him go but if I had a better spot I would drop in," said Oahu Resident Skye Kamaunu.

Surf at Sandy Beach is expected to be on the smaller side for the next few days, but the currents are still strong. Having grown up in Hawaii, Obama is familiar with this sometimes dangerous beach.

"It's pretty exciting. I guess he's pretty good to be surfing these waves," said Christina Masouras.

With Christmas break in full swing more people could head out to this popular eastside beach. Everyone is encouraged to watch out for one another in the surf at Sandy Beach whether they're going to be president or not.

Anyone hoping to get a glimpse of Obama surfing in the Sandy's shore break should know that a schedule of his activities while he's on vacation might not be made public, including trips to the beach.

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