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Teacher and students help family in Haleiwa

By Roger Mari - bio | email

HALEIWA (KHNL) - It's been a week since heavy rains flooded people out of their homes across Oahu. In Haleiwa one couple tries to give their 4-year old daughter a normal Christmas, with the help of a teacher and her students.

The downpour did extensive damage to the Kealoha's home in Haleiwa 10 days ago. The rains ruined nearly everything including Christmas presents for their 4-year-old daughter Elena.

"My Christmas presents went into the bushes," said 4-year-old Flood Victim Elena Kealoha.

And without a home, this little girl was worried Santa would not be able to find her. The story drew the attention of a local teacher, who along with 69 students from her Japanese class, donated gifts.

She's been through one so she knows how it is. She was the first one to give us a ring and offered to help us," said flood victim Victor Kealoha.

The rains have stopped, and now it's time to cleanup.

"Everyday we're trying to get as much done as we can because it really has an odor of dead fish and all that," said Victor Kealoha.

Victor used this area to fix cars for a living. While Elena's gifts have been replaced, this bus is now a mud filled grave for all of Victor's tools which can never be used again.

"The value in there is about $15,000 to $20,000 of tool and equipment," said Victor Kealoha.

While little can be salvaged, one teacher and her students do their best to spread the aloha, and holiday spirit.

"My baby thinks she's all that Santa Claus and loves her to death because she came and hugged her and said Merry Christmas," said Victor Kealoha.

Things might be rough heading into the new year, but as for 2008, this couple is grateful 70 people made this one of the best Christmas' for the most precious gift in their lives.

The teacher has also offered to put the family up on Christmas night at a Waikiki hotel.

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