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December 15, 2008

Drinking Whoas

Just when you thought that perhaps people had gotten the message, just when you thought that maybe the numbers would keep declining, just when you thought that people would know that even casual drinking and driving can be a real killer, comes news that Hawaii will probably hit a nine-year high in drunk driving arrests by year's end.

Through October, 366 people per month, on average, have been busted this year, up from 327 per month through the first nine-months of 2007.  Our alcohol-related fatalities in 2006 ranked us among the top three in that sorry stat, but that horrifying number did get us more money for education and enforcement efforts.

Frankly, the "not me" syndrome is what drives a lot of this behavior.  The "I'm OK", or "I'll be fine driving home" conversation imbibers have with themselves or others permits too many people to do what they shouldn't, and that's start their engines.  Hopefully, current tough economic times will not cause more people to drown their sorrows, and then get behind the wheel, which puts us all in danger.  Remember this holiday season again, it's better to be a forceful, perhaps rude, friend than it is to be a mourner.  Think about it...

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