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Clean up continues after storms

Loren Johnson Loren Johnson

By Paul Drewes - bio | email

WAIANAE (KHNL) - For many island residents, the intensity and damage from last weeks downpours is fading away.

But for those residents still reeling from flooding, every day is a reminder of what the waters have ruined.

As Puuhulu Road drys out, damaged and destroyed household items line the quiet street.

Residents have pulled out piles of muddy material, but there is still so much left to do.

"Its gonna take a lot of time of work a lot of effort, one piece at a time," said flooded resident, Loren Johnson.

Even though these water logged Waianae residents have been cleaning up from the storm for the past 4 days, emotions are raw as they sift through their ruined homes.

"The emotions go up and go down depending on what you find under the mud, if it was damaged or destroyed or whatnot," said David Burgess.

"I'm still in shock, its unreal, you never expect it to happen, never in a million years. And it happened in seconds," said Johnson.

While many parts of the state got heavy rain, residents along Puuhulu road were hit especially hard with major flooding because a nearby waterway overflowed its banks.

Residents say because Puuhulu stream was blocked downstream.

That led to rapidly rising waters, which rushed over yards and homes along the stream last Thursday.

Forcing mud, water and debris into a number of homes.

Now that the water levels have dropped, what is left is a muddy mess.

Leaving homeowners to pick up the pieces as they look for help from the county or the state.

But in the meantime, they are turning to each other to help get them through the flood of 2008.

"We had about 35-40 friends and relatives here, they didn't ask, they just showed up. And we did a lot of work," said Burgess.

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