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Waimalu Elementary catches vandals

Thomas Lee Thomas Lee
Sheldon Oshio Sheldon Oshio

By Tracy Gladden - bio | email

WAIMALU (KHNL) - They are calling themselves C.S.I Waimalu, An Oahu elementary school catches vandals with the help from some high tech gadgets. From the happy songs they sing, you'd never guess the Waimalu elementary school students have been victims of vandalism. Last week three youths left graffiti on the school's walls.

"Through something that may have happened .bad, theres a lot of excellent great people out there in our community," Principal Sheldon Oshio said.

Keiki thank the Honlulu police department for catching the culprits with help from a brand new set of eyes in the sky.

"This is the latest cameras that was just released about three months ago, They are night vision and day vision cameras," President Thomas Lee said.

Just one day before the graffiti incident, the audio visual company donated four security cameras around campus.

"Them looking out for us, the children, and our school by donating us $10,000 worth of surveillance cameras," Oshio said.

"The principal called me and he said you wouldn't believe this we just got sprayed graffiti and I caught them, we got them on video!" Lee said.

The gift will help the keiki stay safe so they can achieve their highest potential.

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