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Floods force Waialua farmers to evacuate

Moana Pacatang Moana Pacatang

By Mari-Ela David - bio | email

WAIALUA (KHNL) - Those who couldn't stay in their homes headed to several shelters run by the Red Cross.

One of the hardest hit communities was a farming community on the North Shore.

The Red Cross says one of its busiest shelters was in Waialua, where some farmers lost their belongings, crops, and animals.

Flooded homes, crops underwater, and Otake camp residents living near the swollen Kaukonahua Stream, forced to evacuate.

In the aftermath of a nasty storm overnight, families flee to Waialua High School's cafeteria for shelter.

"Some of them got out with just the clothes on their back - no slippers, no nothing. So they were pretty shaken up when they came here," said Moana Pacatang, a Red Cross volunteer.

Among those seeking help from the Red Cross - the Brown family, who says floodwaters destroyed their home and farm.

"I was kind of scared for my animals because they're kind of like my best friends," said flood victim Nala Brown.

"When I walked back to rescue the animals - too late already," said Nala's mom, Nongnare Brown.

The Brown's did manage to save their dogs.

Aside from dry clothes, warm meals, and shelter, the Red Cross says it will help replace victim's belongings and put them in motels if it needs to close the shelter. But staff members say these families will most likely stay put.

"You're looking at a community that doesn't travel far from home and they really like to stay close to their things, and people they know. A lot of them are just waiting for that river to subside so they can get back to their homes. That's all they're waiting for at this point. They're just anxious to get home," said Pacatang.

In case Waialua High School re-opens Friday, the Red Cross relocated those at the shelter to the Liliokalani Protestant Church in Haleiwa.

As of Thursday evening, 15 people were there.

The Red Cross says it will keep the shelter open overnight.

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