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Overnight storm pounds Waimanalo

Russell Oishi Russell Oishi

By Leland Kim - bio | email

WAIMANALO (KHNL) - The overnight storm also pounded parts of east Oahu as some neighborhoods in Waimanalo were hard hit.  Residents report damage to homes and having to clean up tons of debris.

The combination of heavy rains and strong winds proved too much for some Waimanalo homes.  The storm took many by surprise, and some households weren't ready for the overnight storm.

The Pali tunnel, typically lit up by lights, was dark Thursday morning, a victim of power failure brought on by the overnight storm.  Only cars' headlights light the path.

"Last night was pretty bad," said Shannin Rohr, a Waimanalo resident.

Strong winds are a second part of the equation. To give you an idea of how powerful they are, take a look at this tree.  Winds took it down.  It was no match for Mother Nature.

And just down the street, Russell Oishi found a part of someone's metal roof on his front yard.

"I just heard strong winds," he said.  "Things being pushed around, bounced around."

So he gets rid of it, before it could hurt someone, should the winds pick up again.

And this home just down the street got slammed.  Rain and pounding winds tore part of the roof off.

"I haven't seen it this bad," said Rohr. "Well, maybe a few years ago, it did some damage, but not this bad."

So they clean up Mother Nature's aftermath and throw away what used to be part of their roof.

Despite the mess, the family counts its blessings.

"We're all good," said Rohr. "I mean, we're a strong family so we'll be fine. So will the house, but we're good."

Some Waimanalo homestead homes suffered flood damage.  Other families also report fallen trees and other debris in their yards.

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