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December 10, 2008

Electric Vibes

The thought that we might have electric cars and thousands of charging stations here within three years is an exciting possibility.  The recently announced plans by a California group to make Hawaii one of its initial locations to install the service could be a boon for local car dealers, the environment, and consumers.

As always, the devil is in the details- where will the fill-up sites be located?  How much will everything cost- cars, batteries, recharging options?  Where will all of the renewable energy needed for the power stations come from, and at what cost?  Obviously, these are all questions that designers and entrepreneurs must have thought of as this plan was devised.  Better Place, the inspired company behind this idea, is also planning to open up for business in Israel, Denmark, Australia, and northern California in the coming years.

For a state too completely dependent upon oil and looking for ways to tap into alternative energy sources, this plan might be a real driver for Hawaii, pardon the automotive pun.  Whether it is wave power, solar, wind farms, or other alternatives, maybe this is the project that drives Hawaii to the forefront of the green revolution.  Think about it...

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