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Some drivers returning to old habits as gas prices fall

Grace Chang Grace Chang

By Paul Drewes - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Every one toughed it out at the gas pumps just a few months ago. Statewide gas prices over $4.50 a gallon had many drivers saying they were changing their regular highway habits. But now, the price is two dollars lower. Has that made an impact on drivers?

There used to be a lot of pain at the pumps.

But prices have fallen quickly and keep on dropping.

"It helps out, it helps out the economy, so its good," said Kalihi resident Michael Sawai.

"I'm elated, the gas prices are wonderful," added Grace Chang of Alewa Heights.

But the more gas prices go down, the more people fall back to their old driving habits.

"I used to coordinate all my trips make one here , one there on the same day. Now I just go up and down the hill like I do, all the time. Maybe twice a day, maybe three times a day. Its great," said Chang.

When the price of gas went up, so did the number of riders climbing on board the Bus to save on fuel costs.

Oahu Transit Services has not noticed a drop in riders now that gas prices have come down. But it's a different story on our roads.

For many, driving habits haven't changed back. Because they never changed in the first place.

According to state daily traffic counts, the number of cars and trucks on major highways is just as high now, as it was when gas was two dollars more.

Everyone wants lower prices, but even the high cost of filling up didn't change a lot of driving habits.

"In no way whatsoever, the prices went up and then come down, it didn't affect my thinking or mentality. No matter what the cost, you gotta do what you gotta do," said Hilo driver, Sis Kamelamela.

To give you an idea of how consistant the number of drivers have been on the road. Along the H-1 freeway at Kapiolani, daily counts of around 108,000 cars for this month were nearly identical to September, June, July, April, March and January's numbers.

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