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December 8, 2008

Aloha Means "No,Go"

"Aloha" means a lot of things, but it seems awfully insensitive for Go! Airlines to try and grab the name of a recently defunct airline for its own. Most people, including a federal judge, seem to think it's a "no go" on this idea for a number of reasons.  #1- local folks know Aloha, they know Hawaiian, and they know go! They also might remember Mahalo, MidPacific, and Discovery.  When they're gone- unfortunate as it may be- they are gone. Pau; enough already. Let it be.

#2- simply changing a name does not change a reality.  Go! Airlines came in and its business model must be working at some level, and Aloha Airlines is gone. What could possibly be the rationale to rub it in with this name change idea?  I know it's all about the money and all, but is this really the way to go?  Just because Mesa can possibly buy the name, should it?

#3- We have long memories in Hawaii.  Changing the name would be like changing clothes on this issue- we all still know what's underneath, and that's what counts.  And if you fly Go!, that's great.  If not, that's also your choice as a consumer.  But it seems like bad karma and maybe even bad business to take a heated rival's name and adopt it by simply throwing it up in the air.  No go; stay.  Think about it...

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