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Hawaii water craft manufacturer in high demand

Sen. Daniel Inouye Sen. Daniel Inouye
Steven Loui Steven Loui

By Stephanie Lum - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - A local high-tech company puts Hawaii on the map when it comes to state of-the-art water craft.

Navatek reaches $6.7 million in sales for its military craft and a special visitor is here to join in the celebrations.

At Pier 41, U.S. Senator Daniel Inouye, like you've never seen him before. He dons a welder's mask and uniform for a special ceremony. Sparks fly for this new $2.2 million research vessel.

It's just one of the many built for the U.S. Navy by local high-tech company "Navatek".

"We have a coastal line that's larger than any other country. We need ships of this nature," said Senator Inouye.

These vessels are in high demand. The Hawaii company's success comes from its patented hull design which makes for a more fuel efficient and stable water craft.

"We are hopeful we will receive more orders for this boat which will help the shipyard through these economic times," said company president Steven Loui.

The orders are coming in not just from the U.S. military but from Singapore.

In the last two years, Navatek has landed four construction contracts worth $6.7 million; a big deal, given the stiff global competition.

"He had to demonstrate that his product was the best and all the countries and people who used his equipment, homeland security etc, said that is what we want," said Senator Inouye.

With sales brisk, the future looks bright for a company gaining world-wide reputation as a state of the art military water craft manufacturer.

Navatek is also working with S.R.I. International to incorporate technologies in its vessels that can scan the underside of ships hulls for mines and explosives.

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