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Warrior fans react to Notre Dame coming to town

Nikky Kitaguchi Nikky Kitaguchi

By Brian Ojima - bio | email

MANOA (KHNL) - Notre Dame has the tradition, the history, the big name recruits and now a date with the Warriors in the Sheraton Hawaii Bowl.

"I think it's pretty awesome they have about the same record as our team so it should be a pretty good matchup."

I asked them if they knew where South Bend, Indiana is?

"I know where Indiana is," said Chenoa Gomes, Warrior dance team member.

There's a lot of farm boys, what do you think about that matchup?

"I don't really know if farm boys play football but I hope we win because we're the Warriors and we're strong," said Gomes.

The Warriors are not only strong, they're playing their best football of the season. For dance members like Nikky Kitaguchi, it's a chance to cheer on the team one last time, this season.

I asked Nikky, who her favorite player was?

"Jason Alexander," she said.

I responded, "he's an actor, but okay... do you mean Greg Alexander?"

"Yes, Greg Alexander!"

Let's see... Jason Alexander... short and bald... Greg Alexander... big and tall.

Now that we've got that squared away, let's move on to the most important question of all... Do you have a prediction.. final score... 50 to zero... us!

You heard it hear first, Warriors in a blow-out.

The last time the Warriors and Fighting Irish faced each other was in 1997. Notre Dame came back to beat Hawaii, 23-22.

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