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Big brother helps keep fans in check

Andrew Chang Andrew Chang

By Duane Shimogawa - bio | email

HALAWA (KHNL) - While thousands of fans watch the University of Hawaii football team play its final home game of the regular season, something else has kept a close eye on them.

Ten security cameras were placed all around the stadium just in time for this season because of fights in the past. Now that the season is almost over, we asked the chief of security how it helped them.

Andrew Chang and his security team uses the cameras as they look over Aloha Stadium.

"We have caught people scaling the fence, other violations such as parking or traffic, fan behavior," he said.

Chang was named Aloha Stadium's security chief a little more than a year ago. He feels being big brother has helped keep people safe this season.

"Unacceptable behavior has declined dramatically, now that people are aware as they enter the facility, that they're being monitored for safety and security purposes," he said.

But not everyone is aware of the cameras. People we spoke to only knew about the cameras after we tell them about it.

Chang doesn't mind this, but he hopes people realize it may help them in a big way someday.

"Most of all, it's very effective like I said in directing our emergency personnel to the emergencies that occur here," he said.

The cameras have also helped them with traffic problems, as they zoom in and change angles.

"It did over exceed our expectations," he said. "It's added eyes for us so it's really useful and instrumental in our operations."

The cameras are on all the time inside and outside of the stadium. They're so precise, they can make out license plates and people's faces.

The cameras were funded by the state as part of stadium improvements. Chang says they hope to add more cameras when more funds become available.

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