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Snow day in paradise

Jenni Trinidad Jenni Trinidad
Bella Trinidad Bella Trinidad

By Tracy Gladden - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - The temperature was in the 80's with mostly sunny skies, but for some Oahu preschoolers, Friday was a snow day. Christmas time in Hawaii leaves some keiki wanting more. Their wishes are granted not by clouds, but by a semi.

For the past five years, Pacific Ocean Producers has delivered fifteen tons of the finely chopped ice. All to help these keiki enjoy a winter activity. Bundled up in hats,snow pants, and gloves, snowball making comes quite naturally for the warm weather kids.

It's Bella Trinidad's first experience with snow.

"We go to the mainland to get her to see snow but but then we've never gotten the chance to so we found out she was coming here and central union had a snow day I was so excited." parent Jenni Trinidad said.

"Cold, it's cold." Bella said.

They make angels and snowballs. "Play and make snowmen." Bella said.

Even parents can't help themselves. Spectators become participants. Nobody is off limits.

Don't let their pint size fool you, they've got strong arms. And for the keiki everyday should be a snow day.

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