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Kailua restaurant cuts the grease

Markus Lenger Markus Lenger
Christian Schneider Christian Schneider
Lucy's Grill and Bar Lucy's Grill and Bar

By Howard Dashefsky - bio | email

KAILUA (KHNL) - In the back room of Lucy's Grill and Bar in Kailua, a new system is saving time, money and the environment.

It's a GRS, or a grease reduction system.

It takes the grease trap, required in all restaurants, and turns it into a wastewater treatment facility using millions of living micro-organisms to break down the gunk,

 "They go into little treatment corridors that are specifically designed to sit inside the reactor where the microbes sit, grow, and eat the grease" said Markus Lenger of Hydrologix Systems.

Tthe computerized system does more than just run the system, it watches over the entire process. And thanks to camera, and the internet, the Hydrologix team can monitor the mini treatment plants form anywhere.

For restaurant owners, the system offers a perfect solution for eliminating a nasty by product, and the foul odor that comes with it.  

Lucy's owner Christian Schneider says he was sold on the system from day one, and chose to be the first restaurant owner on Oahu to use it.

"It's a win - win both ways. Instead of pumping the grease out and having them dump in the landfill where it will turn into a solid bar of soap under the ground and last for 500 years,  it's eliminated completely," said Schneider.

And knowing his system is being watched over 24 /7  not only gives Schneider more money in his pocket, but more piece of mind.

Somethig Lenger says all his customers will enjoy, courtesy of technology.

"It talks to us, we talk to it, sometimes twice daily," said Lenger.  "So it has a lot of benefits and I definitely think it's the wave of the future."

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