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A Hawaii man's weight loss mission

Dallas Carter Dallas Carter

By Stephanie Lum - bio | email

MILILANI (KHNL) - When it comes to one of the most popular New Year's resolutions, one Hawaii man knows the secret to losing weight. Miliani resident, Dallas Carter lost over 190 pounds and he continues to be a living, walking inspiration to those struggling to keep the weight off.

At 26 years old, Carter is energetic and active. But, he's come a long way from the person he was to the man he is today.

"I grew up eating like everyone else. I loved plate lunches," said Carter.

Three years ago, life was good. Dallas fell in love and got married. However, at 355 pounds, not everything was picture perfect.

"When my daughter was born, I tried to hold her close to me. It was horrible because I was holding my child but she was so far away from me."

So, he set out on a mission determined to lose weight.

"I ate a lot of lean meats and vegetables. I set small goals. I said I don't care how much weight I lose, I told myself I am going to stick to this diet regiment and my exercise routine."

Dallas stuck to it, and two years later, he went from big to small.

"I found so much joy in other things. I found joy in walking around, spending time with my family, climbing on the jungle gym with my daughter. Those things are what makes me happy. They fill what used to be filled by food," said Carter.

He lost about 190 pounds and gained both confidence and a desire to help others achieve the same goal.

"If you can honestly do your best everyday you will succeed and pick yourself up when you fall and keep going forward cause it can happen. I mean the whole world and society told me it wouldn't be able to happen for me."

Dallas now weighs 165 pounds and doesn't plan on losing anymore weight. His goal now, is to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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