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People use booze to avoid economic blues

Kelly Irvine Kelly Irvine
Christine Gillis Christine Gillis
Susie Quick Susie Quick
Michael Crosier Michael Crosier

By Zahid Arab - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Costs are going up for American consumers across the board, but they're still binging their budgets for alcohol.

A national survey shows nearly 80% of people are still spending the same on drinks as a year ago. More Americans are escaping the reality of our economy's recession through alcohol, it's a disturbing trend that has health experts concerned.

Alcohol, alcohol, bad economy everywhere, so it seems everyone's having a drink.

Kelly Irvine and friends find down town's Indigo restaurant the perfect spot for pau hana.

"It is early I will admit, it's not even five, but it's a special occasion today," said Palolo Resident Kelly Irvine.

"Our happy hour's been picking up pretty well. There's a lot of business people who come in after work, they want to kick back, relax, have a few drinks," said Indigo General Manager Christine Gillis.

Director of Clinical Services Susie Quick says booze is becoming an easy escape for people worrying about the economy.

"You might think you're reducing stress and temporarily you're escaping it, but you're creating more problems inside your body," said Clinical Services Director Susie Quick.

Research shows alcohol is resilient in economic downturns. It's sales stay alive, even sky-rocket because lets face it, aside from forgetting their financial troubles, people love to party.

"It's not a good idea period to run from the reality of a situation. It's ok to have a few drinks but to drown one's sorrows is kind of gnarly," said Wahiawa Resident Michael Crosier.

All that news about layoffs, the mortgage mess and inflation, sure its depressing. But with a firm grip on a bottle, people are willing to make alcohol their indulgence.

Instead of reaching for that bottle, experts say try exercising, deep-breathing, or even catching a funny flick. These are all healthy ways to deal with your financial stress.

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