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Mililani family cries foul over basketball hoop

John McGuire John McGuire

By Zahid Arab - bio | email

MILILANI (KHNL) - When it comes to pick up one-on-one basketball in neighborhoods, City and County officials say game over. It all has to do with keeping our sidewalks safer.

Threatened with fines of up to $350, other people in a Mililani neighborhood took their hoops away. But one family isn't backing down; they'd rather fight the rule and face fines than just sit on the bench.

"Shoot it Jim you're open!" said Mililani resident John McGuire.

Mililani arena. Team McGuire's looking good.

"Five free throws in a row, someday I want to be better than Kobe Bryant," said Mililani Resident Michael McGuire.

But these players may get a timeout indefinitely. The planning and permitting people at the City want to sideline them and it all has to do with the sidewalk.

"This is an injustice that's being done and hopefully we can reverse it," said John McGuire.

The McGuire family is crying foul, Honolulu Code Enforcement sent this letter last week, saying their portable basketball hoop blocks the public sidewalk and in the interest of safety it needs to be removed. McGuire thinks his home owners association blew the whistle.

"They've been on a crusade for several years now to try and get rid of those basketball stands," said John McGuire.

He'd move it onto the driveway, but says the slope would just topple it. The City says if things like plants, trees, and basketball hoops go beyond your property, they're out of bounds.

"They're going to rip the hearts right out of them if they take it away or make me get rid of it," said John McGuire.

The family isn't willing to sit in the stands have written a number of letters to politicians. Through defense and being aggressive they hope to score some sort of compromise.

Their hoop has been on the sidewalk for at least a year, and if they don't remove it in two weeks, the City will, and bills them for it.

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