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Pearl Harbor survivors still carry memories of the attack

Glen Lane Glen Lane
Milton Hurst Milton Hurst

By Howard Dashefsky - bio | email

PEARL HARBOR (KHNL) - This Sunday marks the 67th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor.

And although the number of survivors from that fateful day is dwindling, the emotions and memories remain strong as we see through the lens of photojournalist Sisto Domingo.

They walk slowly, but with purpose.

And they carry memories that remain as vivid today as they were on December 7th, 1941.

The surprise attack set their world on fire. And in just 2 hours time, left more than 24 hundred comrades dead.

"I had two young fellows who were with me on the ship they are still there, and many more of my shipmates and friends who are still there," said Pearl Harbor survivor Glenn Lane.

On this peaceful day, the three men are greeted by sailors and marines lined up in a show of respect and gratitude.

And out on the Arizona memorial, the stories come in waves.

"I was with you to Glenn I'll tell you when the blast hit.  I was out there in the open out there," said Pearl Harbor survivor Milton Hurst. "When the explosion hit I was between there and that barbette and that's why I was protected from that blast and all it did was knock me down. We tried to find something we could do but there was nothing we could do. There was no water pressure, we were strictly on our own."

Today Milton says he's at peace over what happened a lifetime ago.

And while he chooses to bury most of his memories, he says his greatest concern is for future generations.

"I think it would be nice if they remember but history has proven that history history in the past does not influence history of the day," said Hurst. "We don't learn anything, we don't learn from history in the past, you know what I mean".

"Remember the people who gave their lives," said Lane. "They say we're heroes, we're not heroes we're survivors. The heroes are still out there".

Events continue daily at Pearl Harbor ending with the 67th commemorative ceremony this Sunday, December 7th.

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