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Dangerous waves pounding Oahu's north shore

Chris Walsh Chris Walsh

By Sharie Shima - bio | email

NORTH SHORE (KHNL) - The largest northwest swell so far slams Oahu's north shore, forcing life guards to keep swimmers out of the water!

The surf conditions out there are truly dangerous, with wave heights reaching more than thirty foot faces. Ocean safety officials were busy performing rescues and assists.

And a high surf warning was posted for north and west facing shores for most of the day. The power of the ocean is unmistakable at Waimea Bay. The roar of waves crashing ashore and the sound of lifeguards blaring warnings over loud speakers. The monster waves are so mesmerizing, onlookers braved the on shore flow.

"It was good, it's an uprising swell so you really have to be careful, I really wasn't ready for that large set that came in. ditched my board on the first two, took the third one on the head and the fourth one cleaned me up even more," said surfer Chris Walsh. "Broke my leash got slammed on the bottom hung out for a couple minutes then got sucked up then just swam all the way in.

Visitors from the mainland can't get enough of the dramatic, destructive waves.

"People are just amazing and fun and everybody talks to you and hang loose it's lots of fun."

The power of this massive wall of water can intimidate even the most experienced wave rider. One set was so large boards shot into the air and surfers took the safe route back to shore leaving their boards behind.

"Ya it was me and four or five other guys who ditched our boards, we got caught in the large set and that was it," said surfer Trevor Carlson. "We got hopped!"

Carlson didn't fare so well but old habits die hard.

"Ya, I'm going to get a new board and see if I can get our there later today," said Carlson.

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