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Local concierge service helps others "tough it out"

Lindsey Chun-Hori Lindsey Chun-Hori

By Diane Ako - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - A local company that hires out personal assistants is doing well, despite the economy. Now, the owner of Isle Concierge shares the secrets of her success. It's something that might help other companies tough it out.

This might look like another holiday shopping binge to you. But really, it is work. Co-owner Lindsey Chun-Hori summed up, "We are professional personal assistants to anyone and everyone who needs something done."

The staff of Isle Concierge is working to put together gift baskets for their clients. "Give us your list and we can pick up everything you need," said Chun-Hori.

They'll go through your to do list in no time. If it's legal, they'll do it for you! "People walk in and say, 'Oh I need concert tickets.' Or dry cleaning. Every day is a different day. It's fun and crazy, but it helps out a lot of people," said Chun-Hori.

At starting prices of $35 an hour, it sounds pricey. But what's your time worth? Chun-Hori said, "We save time and simplify lifestyles of people too busy to do the everyday tasks."

That - and diversification - are the secrets of their success. Isle Concierge's clients run the gamut, from individuals, to corporate clients. Chun-Hori explained, "By doing it this way, we always have business. It's always growing. There's always somebody needing something. That's why it's worked for us."

So as not to put all their eggs in one financial basket, they target many different kinds of clients. It's a business practice that might help you tough it out, too.

Isle concierge says an industry survey shows 67% of the population would hire a personal assistant to help complete daily tasks.


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