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Triple Crown helps vendors 'tough it out'

Opel Sirishandaha Opel Sirishandaha
Christina Aiaga Christina Aiaga
Richard Rannis Richard Rannis

By Roger Mari - bio | email

HALEIWA (KHNL) - It's an event that pumps big dollars into Hawaii's economy. The Triple Crown of Surfing attracts local residents and tourists hoping to see some exciting surf competition.

It's not just surfers waiting for big waves to roll through, road side vendors also want the waves to pick up to help boost business.

While the second jewel of the Triple Crown, the World Cup of Surfing causes heavy traffic jams, it's a welcome sight for struggling roadside vendors and lunch wagons. Some are feeling the pinch of the bad economy, especially from the decline of travelers.

"I think 40% lower than last year, and when I compare the peak time, 50% slower than last year," said Vendor Sue Niedergall.

In his second year as a vendor in Haleiwa, Opel Sirishandahas sales dropped 15-20% from this time last year.

"The Triple Crown has helps bring the numbers back up," he said.  "Everybody just came out that helps out the business a lot."

Vendors like Christina Aiaga are less concerned about making a profit this year, and more worried about the future of the coconut stand she runs.

"This is our only job, this is what we do it's our only means of living," said Vendor Christina Aiaga.

While vendors try to roll with the tides, some tourists are doing their part to help them keep their heads above water.

"We're visiting Hawaii and buying coconuts from the farmers here to help them out," said visitor Richard Rannis.

These roadside vendors also get some help from Mother Nature; conditions forced the Triple Crown of Surfing to be postponed. The more days this contest goes on, it will drive more business it will drive into the north shore.

The holding period for the world cup goes until December 6; the final jewel of the Triple Crown is the Pipeline Masters which run from the December 8-20.

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