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Shoppers skip turkey to stand in store lines

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Miechol Canteros Miechol Canteros
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By Zahid Arab - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - You've just packed away the final portion of your Thanksgiving meal and are getting ready to face the Black Friday frenzy, but some of these people are already days ahead of you!

Some skipped their turkey all together and went straight to standing in line at the stores. Retailers are offering great deals to reel in consumers to help pull them out of a sales slump during this tough economy.

Black Friday steals are the hot topic around any holiday.

But this year when times are tougher, people aren't just planning hours, they're planning days in advance to get the best deal.

Armed with sleeping bags, and supplies, shoppers like Maribeth Asuncion are on a stakeout.

"You need a lot of patience because you need to be here in line early, not Friday in the morning you need to be here Thursday," said Asuncion.

She's among a group of more than 50 on a mission, searching for the cheapest sales at Best Buy's Black Friday bonanza. Kids are assigned to do intelligence.

"They have book reports, math, lots of homework," said Asuncion.

The waiting game runs the gambit. Some showed up as early as Wednesday night around 9 p.m., others trickle onto the battle line later. But all are prepared with the essentials.

"You need someone with you to keep you company that's the secret," said shopper Miechol Canteros.

"Bring a chair, magazine, a jacket, some water, have people bring you food that's pretty much it," said shopper Peter Tu.

Discounts, to plasmas hundreds off, everyone has their eye on a specific prize.

"Laptops, desktops, computer items," said Tu.

These seekers of sales are so determined, they'll do anything.

"Crazy is my middle name," said Canteros.

Call them crazy or just committed to compete for the best deals, the countdown continues until doors finally open on Black Friday.

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