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Mumbai attacks leave hundreds dead

Rakesh Patel Rakesh Patel

By Bill Neely

MUMBAI, India (KHNL) - Mumbai, India is under siege after terrorists take over ten locations in the city.

Almost 100 people are reported dead and at least 900 injured.  There are also hostages.

Mumbai is no stranger to terrorism, but this was systematic mass murder and it has stunned India.

This the scene outside one of the country's most famous hotels, dead and injured wheeled out on luggage trolleys.

The victims of gunmen who entered the lobby, pulled out automatic weapons and began firing.

"They wanted anyone with British or American passports, saying anyone with a British or an American passport they wanted to know, they wanted foreigners I guess, I don't know," said Rakesh Patel, an escaped hostage.

At least seven groups of attackers struck simultaneously, Indian police could do little.

Indeed the head of Mumbai's anti-terrorist force was killed in one attack.

At a second luxury hotel, a fire and more killing.

This is the Oberoi Hotel popular with westerners, a British guest said gunmen bust into the restaurant and as in the other hotel asked if there were any British or Americans then herded diners upstairs, he took his friend's advice, keeping quiet.

This is the face of one of the attackers, captured on a hotel CCTV camera, an automatic weapon in his arms.

The shootings and bombings have been claimed by an Islamic militant group, their tactics echo Al Qaeda's, multiple simultaneous attacks aimed at westerners and at mass slaughter.

More than 80 are dead, 900 are reported injured and the terrorists have hostages in their hands.

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