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Hawaii creeps towards two dollar a gallon average

Terry Hasan Terry Hasan
Amber Brownell Amber Brownell

By Zahid Arab - bio | email

HONOLULU- (KHNL) These plummeting gas prices is a welcomed sight we haven't seen in years.

Just how long?

AAA says you have to go back about 8 years to the year 2000 when the average gallon of gas in the state was below $2.

While it's not there yet, people say it's getting close and they can barely believe it.

It's hard to imagine it's been so long since Hawaii's average price of gas was under $2 a gallon. But thanks to lower oil prices, this blast from the past may be coming back.

"That's about 8 or 9 years ago, that's hard to remember," said Kapolei Resident Terry Hasan.

The year 2000. Let's see there was J-Lo's exposing Grammy gown, the LA Lakers taking the NBA crown, and Backstreet Boys fans were getting down.

"The album "Millennium" just came out so that was pretty cool and I was graduating from the 8th grade," said a driver.

Harry Potter fans eagerly anticipated the fourth installment in the series called "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. We traveled all the way to Malaysia the site of the first season of reality show hit "Survivor." This is fake just like the Y2K scare.

"There was this big hype in the media that the computers were going to crash and that all the electronics and everything were going to crash at midnight," said Honolulu Resident Amber Brownell.

While Costco drivers are nearing the $2 mark, others are paying up to 80 cents more but are still spending less. They're thankful, especially since the holidays are here.

"Normally, I used to put 80-90 dollars to fill up my tank. Now, I'm at 60 so I've got some savings here and there," said a driver.

With Hawaii inching back towards the record books, drivers couldn't be happier. Costco drivers are saving more right now, but others are hopeful the savings will eventually trickle down to them.

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