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Talk Story: Sandy's cafe closing

John Maguire John Maguire
Rita Castillo Rita Castillo

By Mari-Ela David - bio | email

MILILANI MAUKA (KHNL) - Loyal customers are fighting to save a local eatery, forced to shut down after being featured in the paper.

It's against the rules for this particular restaurant to advertise. The issue is, whether the newspaper article, which lists the hours of operation, and menu items, is considered an ad.

Loyal customers say it's the best kept secret in Mililani Mauka. Located inside the Olaloa Retirement Community Center is a place residents there flock to for some good, local home-style cooking.

"I've lived here 15 years and the last three years, this is the best restaurant we've had," said John Maguire, an Olaloa resident.

But as of January 31st, Sandy's Cafe must close.

This, after the eatery was featured in a recent edition of Central Oahu People.

The Olaloa condo board views the article as advertising, which is against the rules.

"It's like losing family you know and we won't have any place to go," said Olaloa resident Jean Eldredge.

The article also says Sandy's is open to the public.

According to the property manager, that's also against the rules.

The Mililani Town Association says you cannot run a business on residential property.

Olaloa was given an exception, just as long as the restaurant only caters to the residents of the retirement community.

For Sandy's patrons, losing the cafe is hard to swallow.

"This is my time to interact with other people and it's really enjoyable. I'm very upset, very upset," said Rita Castillo, a regular customer.

Sandy was too afraid to go on camera, but says she wouldn't have agreed to the article if she had known her restaurant is not open to the public.

Sandy says she did ask Olaloa's administrator for permission to do the article, and he agreed.

The administrator says he thought it'd just be a short blurb about Sandy, not a full-blown article about the eatery.

Sandy is now looking for another location for her cafe, but in these tough economic times, she says she's it's going to be difficult to move.

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