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Lanai residents still face high gas prices

By Paul Drewes - bio | email

LANAI CITY (KHNL) - While commuters on Oahu have to deal with congestion and traffic, there is something that should make drivers around the state feel a little bit better.

At least we don't have to pay 'Lanai gas prices' to fill up.

Lanai is a quiet and peaceful place.

But there is a low grumbling heard along these pine tree lined streets. A grumbling over gas.

"The price of gas on Lanai is too high," said Lanai resident, Manual Locquiao.

"Its a very small town, and we talk about small town things. And gas is one of those things," added longtime resident, Bruce Harvey.

Harvey spends a lot of time driving around this scenic island. He works for a tour company.

Which means he also spends a lot of time at the pump.

"We put in $40-$50 a day."

While prices have been falling across the state.

Here they still hover around $5.50 a gallon, just like they have since summertime.

Residents don't have a choice on how much they pay, there is only one gas station in town. But this filling station is also locked into the higher prices, at least for now.

"It's because of inventories and what we go thru to get gas. If you buy when it happens to be high you're locked in. And if the bottom falls out, you're still locked in cause you already spent those dollars," said Rick Gonsalves, the General Manager of Lanai City Service.

While the quiet nature of this island hasn't changed much in the past century, high gas prices are starting to change the lifestyles of those who live on laid back Lanai.

"I don't go to the beach too often, and stay around the city. You try to plan your day and gas consumption," said Lanai resident, Ron Woolsey.

For Lanai residents already toughing it out over rising living costs, they're now fuming over high gas prices and how fuel costs will affect their future finances.

"My boss says, I'd like to give you a raise, but its all going in the gas tanks," said Harvey.

The bad news for Lanai drivers, KHNL has been told the price won't drop until February, and that's if oil prices stay low, like they are now.

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