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Hawaii's chef Kelvin Ro shares his secret stuffing ingredients

Chef Kelvin Ro with KHNL chief meteorologist Sharie Shima Chef Kelvin Ro with KHNL chief meteorologist Sharie Shima

By Sharie Shima - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Pumpkin pie and roast turkey are on the minds of many people this week. 

Chief meteorologist Sharie Shima spent time with one of Hawaii's top chefs Kelvin Ro of Diamond Head Market and Grill. 

He shared his secrets for an elegant stuffing that is so simple to make.  No one will know that all it took was a few simple ingredients. 

Ro says this will be the same stuffing he will serve with his take out Turkey Dinners on Thursday.

He says it's an exotic mushroom and brioche stuffing.  Usually we use oyster mushrooms, Portobello's, or you can use whatever you want.  The variety of  mushrooms makes it taste more exotic and it will impress your guests. 

Chef Ro say he uses onions carrots and celery.  He lightly sautés them in a pan.  Then he adds the assorted wild mushrooms.  He sautés the mixture until the vegetables are a little translucent.  The carrots and onions bring sweetness.  Celery adds another dimension to all of these flavors. 

Chef Ro says he adds garlic, it provides great flavor, but he prefers to add it at the end, so it doesn't burn and add a bitter taste.   Sharie Shima says on that stressful thanksgiving day, all of this can be pre-chopped and prepared ahead of time right?  Chef Roe agrees, all of this can be made the day before. 

Chef Ro laughs and says there are so many things you need to use your oven for on that day, your aunty brings her casserole and another aunty brings her pie and of course, we need to cook the bird.  And that one bird takes up the whole oven.  That's why preparing your food ahead of time and just reheating it on Thanksgiving day is a lot less stressful.  

To complete the stuffing Chef Ro adds thyme, and a bit of fresh parsley, so simple he says, and that's pretty much it!  Now you can add your bread or bread crumbs, most people use the square cubes of bread in a bag. But I say no to that!  I'm just going to add some brioche torn into piecesnot cut into squares.... toss it into the vegetable mixture with mushrooms.  

Then he adds butter to combine everything.  He tosses in a little salt and pepper and there you go! Now where's the gravy?

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