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College students find economic ways to watch movies on the Web

Jack Ho Jack Ho
Justin Wong Justin Wong

By Tracy Gladden - bio | email

MANOA (KHNL) - The slowing economy is eating into household budgets.

And when comes to home entertainment, some people have been toughing it out by canceling extra movie channels.

The current state of the economy, has more and more consumers like these college students avoiding costly cable bills and pricey movie theatres by using the Internet.

"I think the Internet is a good place to entertain yourself," said Jack Ho, an online TV watcher.

Jack's schedule is always changing, that's why he watches his favorite TV shows on

"My favorite sites are YouTube."

"I've heard of hulu and several others."

Watching TV online is like having free TiVo.

'There's watch TV sitcoms that's a good one you can find a lot of stuff on there."

Justin visits Internet web sites like hulu to watch his favorite shows.

"Heroes and other TV dramas."

Hulu runs four minutes of ads for every hour of programming.

"I don't mind the ads so much on the computer most of the time on the TV sites because they are easier to ignore than having to watch it," said Justin Wong, an online TV watcher.

Web sites also offer free online movies which can save a costly trip to the theater.

"It's like $8.70 something before four and then it's like $10 after that it's okay I guess but it's costly."

A new Xbox survey says 40 percent of adults plan to make fewer trips to the movies this year compared to last year.

"It would be quite expensive still to go to the movies."

By creating a cheap stay-in movie night at home some of his favorite movies are just a click away.

"You can watch movies on YouTube and that'll suffice I guess."

And with the freedom of the Internet, he doesn't have to watch them from his living room couch.

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