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College student logs on to save money

Kevin Cronin Kevin Cronin

By Duane Shimogawa - bio | email

KALIHI (KHNL) - The tough times are also forcing people to come up with creative ways to save money.

In this toughing it out report, a University of Hawaii student is forced to live on a tight budget, mostly by using the Internet.

It's a daily routine for Kevin Cronin. Besides the normal things like brushing his teeth and taking a bath, he searches for online coupons for everything from a lunch to a television set.

"It's a great tool when I try to save some money, with the economy right now, it's always difficult to find good bargains, this web site really helps me find these bargains if I'm looking for a new shirt, maybe some food, just helps you save money on a day to day basis," Cronin said.

He found the web site, about a year ago, while looking for online deals. He almost always looks there first before buying anything.

"I generally go on everyday, if it's for a meal, like I said or if I need some clothes, anything like that, I pretty much check it everyday, sometimes you'll find this amazing bargain you just can't pass up," he said.

On Friday, he looks for a deal on dinner. He finds a coupon and prints it out. Then he heads out to get his discounted meal.

"It's very tough, especially in Hawaii, the prices in Hawaii are much higher than they are on the Mainland, so every little bit that I can save definitely helps," he said.

Cronin not only uses this free web site for deals, he also connects with others to swap ideas for saving money.

"It's other people just telling you check it out or here's a suggestion, just another tool in your ability to save money on the web site," he said.

Using technology to keep his wallet fat.

Cronin says he's saved around a thousand dollars since he began using the web site.

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