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Not all consignment stores flourishing in these times

By Duane Shimogawa - bio | email

KAPAHULU (KHNL) - While most consignment stores have flourished in our tight economy, there are some that haven't been able to thread the needle.

The Ultimate You consignment shop owner is toughing it out in a different way. She's hoping for a change of fortunes with the help of the Internet.

For 25 years, Kelsey Sears and her Ultimate You designer consignment boutique has brought out the ultimate style in her customers.

"It began with a great, good fortune, it was a risk, but from the very beginning it was successful, we made sales and covered the expenses," she said.

But times have changed and she's now closing her shop.

"So now, people are being very much more introspective and about saving, saving their money and not spending and waiting sort of in a waiting, hold cycle, waiting to see what's going to happen," she said.

With her shop on Kapahulu Avenue empty most of the time, Sears hopes eBay fills her cash register up once again.

"It's what's happening, eBay is just all over the place, I attended a national convention a few years ago and that was a real eye opener," she said.

Another eye opener to some is how Sear's shop is bucking the trend when it comes to consignment stores in these times.

"A lot of people say that, well this should be the best time in the history of consignment shops because people are looking to save and for great values, but also remember every store in our country is having sales year round now," she said.

A tough lesson to learn but she sees better times ahead.

"So I try to push my "G" button and be into gratitude all the time, keep my enthusiasm up because this or better is coming and that's always been the case, life is cyclic," she said.

A cycle she and other small businesses hope will end soon.

Other businesses in the same complex as The Ultimate You are also hurting. That's why they're having an open house in the coming weeks to hopefully bring in more customers.

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