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Diane Ako's job swap with KSSK roving reporter

Sweetie Pacarro Sweetie Pacarro

By Diane Ako - bio | email and Tai Hiranaka

KAKAAKO (KHNL) - Many people know the dynamic duo of KSSK, Perry & Price. But what about their roving reporter, Sweetie Pacarro? What show would be complete without her? I swapped jobs with her for the day, and found that it really gave me a run for my money.

KSSK'S Saturday brunches at John Dominis are like a big party, and that's perfect for Sweetie.

"I love people. I meet 300 people a week and I love it!" she exclaimed.

There's live entertainment, like the intense and intensely talented ukulele player Tamaine Gardner; a chance to get picked out of the audience to talk story, as Joy Dunkerley (mother of Hawaiian Airlines CEO Mark Dunkerley) found out; and all kinds of interviews on stage, from contest winners to fundraisers.

And that's what I did one Saturday. People like Sweetie make it look so easy but I was backstage sweating bullets asking her, "And then what do I say? Where do I hold the mic?"

Sweetie pointed out, "This is the place to be. Everyone does their anniversaries, celebrations, birthdays, graduations, whatever it is, here."

The guests enjoy the three hours. But the reporter runs around non-stop! Sweetie makes this job look easy but there's 40 hours of preparation that goes into each one of these shows during the work week. She detailed, "Monday through Friday we plan and put it all together. We actually start weeks out, planning things."

Listening to it on radio is only half the fun. Sweetie revealed, "Being here- as you can see- there's a lot of things that can happen." I broke a heel running around, and Sweetie tried to fix it!

From an interview with a school teacher, to an impromptu concert from the table of Island Heritage employees, the show always brings a smile.

The Perry and Price show at John Dominis goes on three Saturdays a month. For reservations check out KSSKRadio.com.

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