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Trash debate continues in Leeward Oahu

Victor Rapoza Victor Rapoza
Tammy Mori Tammy Mori

By Duane Shimogawa - bio | email

MAKAHA (KHNL) - The debate over who cleans up an area in Makaha on Oahu's Leeward Eoast intensifies.

Protestors were at the illegal dumpsite today asking the department of transportation for help.

the people there hope the trash under Makaha Bridge Number 2 ends up in a dumpster very soon.

It's one of Oahu's most scenic places. The Leeward Coast is home to some of the most breath-taking views around the gathering place.

But something else has been gathering there and the Makaha community hopes it gathers somewhere appropriate.

"It's very, very filthy and all of that Opala will go into the ocean when we get a good rain, which is tomorrow (Thursday)," Makaha resident Emily Auwae said.

Makaha Bridge Number 2 has become a popular dumping site. Longtime residents like Victor Rapoza say the Department of Transportation should take care of the mess.

"Why should I clean the trash out myself," he said. "I'm a taxpayer, that's crap, that I got to do somebody else's job, we pay people to come out here and clean."

"If this is the way they wanted to raise awareness then that is well within their right and we also ask them at the same token to now help us be part of the solution," DOT spokeswoman Tammy Mori said.

Mori tells us they've cleaned what they're in charge of under this bridge.

"Anytime they see illegal dumping, they need to help us out as well and contact Waianae Police Department because we really need their help," she said. "We have eight guys working on 500 bridges island-wide."

Mori says they're responsible for the trash that's up to ten feet away from the road's edge.

"I no like clean up under there and then somebody going get mad at me because I stay doing somebody else's job," Makaha resident Jesse Nohoikaiue said.

The mess you see here isn't within that range, so that's why they're not taking care of it.

So who's responsible for the trash? The DOT says the City and County of Honolulu is and we'll be following up with them.

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