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What Causes Cataract?

There are many types of cataracts. Most are caused by a change in the chemical composition of the lens resulting in a loss of transparency. These changes can be caused by aging, injuries to the eye, certain diseases, conditions of the eye and body, and heredity or birth defects. The normal process of aging may cause the lens to harden and turn cloudy. These are called senile cataracts and are the most common type. They can occur as early as age 40. Here in Hawaii people develop cataracts earlier in age because of the UV rays. Children, as well as adults of any age, can develop cataracts. When cataracts appear in children, they are sometimes hereditary or can be caused by infection or inflammation, which affect the pregnant mother and the unborn baby. These are congenital cataracts and are present at birth. Eye injuries can cause cataracts at any age. A hard blow, puncture, cut, intense heat or chemical burn can damage the lens, resulting in a traumatic cataract. Certain infections or diseases of the eye (such as diabetes) can also cause the lens to cloud and form a secondary cataract.

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