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Baby pigs look for permanent home

Sherri Pang Sherri Pang
Chantilee Tote-Bode Chantilee Tote-Bode
Kaileen Lardizabal Kaileen Lardizabal

By Leland Kim - bio | email

MILILANI (KHNL) -  Here's a sight you may not see every day.  Two baby pigs roaming around in your neighborhood.  That's the situation in Mililani, and we heard about it through our "Talk Story" line.

The piglets were brand new pets, and they apparently escaped from the owners' backyard a week ago.  They and neighbors have been feeding them since then, and they all hope the pigs have a safe environment to live and play.

The Tote-Bode girls are not your typical pig hunters.  They're trying to catch their one-month-old pet pigs Kalua and Porky and bring them home, but the problem is, they're fast.

"Kalua, it just came easy," said Chantilee Tote-Bode, a 15-year-old Mililani resident who cared for the pigs. "Kalua pig. It's food, like, yeah.  And Porky. It's like pork chops, like yeah."

Since they escaped a week ago, the girls have been trying to take care of them.

"We feed them every single day and every single night," said Chantilee's 14-year-old sister Chantasia Tote-Bode.

"They're like so cute and I love the way when they eat, they make these funny noises," said Chantilee Tote-Bode. "I just love it."

Their neighbors have also helped out.  Seven-year-old Kaileen Pang says she enjoys feeding them.

"I feel happy," said Kaileen Lardizabal, a seven-year-old who lives next door to the Tote-Bode family.

"Why?" asked KHNL.

"Because I love animals," answered Lardizabal.

But she's worried something bad might happen to them since they're out in the wild.

"I don't want them to get hurt," said Lardizabal.

"It kind of concerns me someone's going to harm them or they're going to starve," added Kaileen's mom Sherri Pang.

For now, they have speed on their side, but as they get older, they'll slow down, and will need a bigger place.

"I don't want them to be totally gone but they need room to roam and stuff," said Chantilee Tote-Bode.

"Make them happy," said Sherri Pang.  "Let them have a happy life."

"I want them to stay and live," said Lardizabal.

Hoping someone with a big farm and a big heart can adopt these baby pigs.

One of the pigs has an injury on one of his legs.  Neighbors say it looks like someone shot him with a BB gun.

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