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North shore residents allege DLNR officer misconduct

Ollie Lunasco Ollie Lunasco
Laura Thielen Laura Thielen
Denis Park Denis Park

By Zahid Arab - bio | email

NORTH SHORE (KHNL) - Controversy and concern over conduct causes hundreds on the north shore questioning the ethics of a Department of Land and Natural Resources officer.

"We've been working with the YMCA and The Neighborhood Board tonight to talk about Kaena Point," said Department of Land and Natural Resources Chairperson Laura Thielen.

It was supposed to be an agenda to address how to preserve natural resources around the North Shore's Kaena Point. But, it's what hundreds on hand like Ollie Lunasco weren't expecting.

"Now you're turning around and saying we're just going to focus on Kaena Point. I don't think so, because we have too many problems out there, specifically with one officer," said North Shore Resident Ollie Lunasco.

Allegations of officer misconduct and abuse by a Department of Land and Natural Resources officer have residents fuming and frustrated. They claim one in particular has threatened and in some extreme cases assaulted people.

"Why does a game warden need assault weapons. You tell me. Why do they need shotguns and they carry it today. What really concerns me is that their powers are limited," said Lunasco.

The DLNR says its taking these allegations seriously. But so far, no one has come forward with an official notarized complaint.

"If anybody has allegations that an officer has acted unlawfully, we will investigate it thoroughly and impartially," said Thielen.

Officials say out of the 140 citations the officer in question has issued, nobody claims they were unlawfully cited by him.

"Everyone's frustrated, everyone wants to do something about it but we're running up against a wall," said North Shore Resident Denis Park.

Two-sides to a very sensitive issue. Residents say they're also concerned about unfair camping rules. Meanwhile, the officer in question is temporarily re-assigned pending the investigation.

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