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People move belongings out of damaged homes

Lee Tobler Lee Tobler

By Duane Shimogawa - bio | email

MAKAHA (KHNL) - An explosive water main break blows apart a home Friday along with apartments and a West Oahu road.

Saturday, life returns to normal around the break, except for residents living in the blast area.

Crews finished paving Kili road in Makaha Saturday morning. It's now open.

But the obvious scars still remain, as the people in the ravaged residences begin to move their stuff out. They managed to make it out safely.

The Board of Water Supply discovered a small leak after repairing the pipe, so it took them until one Saturday morning to restore full water service to residents at the Makaha Valley Towers.

But this isn't the first time people there had to deal with disasters. Lee Tobler lives right across from the damaged homes.

"I heard this noise, it kept getting louder and louder, I had my headsets on and I was like wow, what is this?" he said. "I got up and opened my jalousies, looked out the window and saw this water flowing past the unit right across from me."

Saturday, the people who live in the apartments move out their precious belongings. Obviously upset from the damages, they refuse to speak to KHNL/K5 News.

The Board of Water Supply takes full responsibility for all of the damages. They tell us they'll reimburse not only the people who live in the homes, but the car owners as well.

It wasn't too long ago that the people here were forced to deal with another disaster. this time, a huge brush fire came oh so close to their homes.

Then mother nature hit them hard again. Constant showers flowed down this mountain, causing mammoth-sized mud slides.

"It just kept getting stronger and lots of noise, just lot of water flowing," Tobler said.

He reflects on Friday's big gush. He and others in Makaha Valley hope it's the only one that happens here.

The Board of Water Supply says the once-damaged pipe on Kili Road is 34-years-old. They have no plans to change it because it's still within its normal range of life.

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