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Diamond Head Trail gets a facelift

Cliff Tillotson Cliff Tillotson

By Tracy Gladden - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - More than a half a million visitors hike the famous Diamond Head trail annually, but now after years of wear and tear the trail is literally crumbling away.

It's one of the most famous landmarks in the world.

Helicopters were busy doing some heavy lifting at the summit of Diamond Head Friday. At the summit, thousand pound bags are filled with loose rocks.

"It's compressed ash cinder and clay material so it's not really solid it's very crumbly and in fact that's what creates the situation in the first place," said Park Coordinator Yara Lamadrid-Rose.

They've been removing the loose rocks along the trail. With help from the sky. The helicopters are carrying over 50 tons of debris that they're finding at the summits of Diamond Head, they will bring them down to the bottom of the crater to be used at a later date.

"Were getting all of those areas that have got cracks and fractures in them and removing those with scaling bars and making sure it's all solid so when tourists come they won't have rocks come down on them," said Prometheus Construction Vice-President Cliff Tillotson.

"We just wanted to see it because it looked so beautiful and it was one of the things we wanted to see while we were here in Hawaii and we missed out," said visitor Eden Kelly.

This completes phase one of improvements to the popular trail.

"Phase two is going to involve actually working on the trail to fix existing conditions and future phases will expand the trail and open up some new trail opportunities," Lamadrid-Rose said.

It can be dangerous work.

"It's causing a lot of shocks when you grab the hooks and stuff because of the static electricity," Tillotson said.

But the hard work in the end will pay off with happy tourists.

"Yeah definitely next time we will be back yeah," Kelly said.

The trail and crater will be open again next Friday.

The park and crater will be closed to the public from Monday November 17th to Thursday November 20th.

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