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Job seekers turn to agencies for help

Bill Montgomery Bill Montgomery
Lisa Cain Lisa Cain

By Zahid Arab - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - As the economic uncertainty continues, more and more people are in search of an extra part-time job.

The first place they turn to for help are one of 50 local staffing agencies.

Applications are coming in by the hundreds, but company cutbacks and fewer jobs are making their search difficult.

Whether its restaurants, bars or businesses, everyone's hurting economically. That's why some are turning to temp agencies for a life-line during these turbulent times.

With about 40 workers comp claims to file each shift, Bill Montgomery's days are busy. A refreshing change after a lay off left him unemployed for a year.

"It was pretty stressful because there aren't too many jobs out there," said Worker Bill Montgomery.

Montgomery is one of many who are turning to temp agencies like Staffing Solutions of Applications and email inquiries about jobs are coming in by the hundreds each day. But, there aren't as many positions as before.

"We're seeing some of our own companies we use going down a little bit, down-sizing so they're starting to draw a little bit back on temps,"said Staffing Manager Lisa Cain.

Whether you're a first time job seeker or looking to add an extra job, agencies say expect to come prepared with a resume. It's also important to dress for success and be ready to take one of four required assessment tests like how fast you type.

"They know what fits you better and they try to place you in positions, so it's a good deal," said Montgomery.

In Hawaii, there are ample entry-level jobs available, but agencies say employers are being pickier about higher paying ones. With four months on the job, Montgomery is now a full-time employee. He's one of the lucky ones during times when others are hung up over not being able to find work.

While corporations are cutting back, staffing agencies say fields like healthcare and banking are still steady. They say the best advice, is that if you have a secure job, to stay put.

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