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Big surf brings in lots of action on and off the shore

John Hoogsteden John Hoogsteden
Evyn Tyndzik Evyn Tyndzik

By Duane Shimogawa - bio | email

WAIMEA BAY (KHNL) - Big surf on Oahu's North Shore. It was a busy day for lifeguards and surfers alike, as day one of the Triple Crown gets underway.

Surfers take advantage of the biggest northwest swell so far this season. Lifeguards warned people to stay out of the water.

At pipeline, a bodyboarder in his twenties collided with a surfer Thursday morning. The bodyboarder suffered head and spinal injuries. He's listed in serious condition. The surfer wasn't hurt, but other than that, it was quite a spectacle for everyone on the North Shore.

The waves crash, the people watch and the lifeguards stay busy.

"It's big surf, it's the biggest northwest swell of the season and we just urge people to use common sense and caution if they have any questions, go and see lifeguards," Lifeguard Lieutenant John Hoogsteden said.

Evyn Tyndzik got up early to catch it. His mom did as well, but she manages to stay safe and dry behind her camera.

"I like a day like today (Thursday)," Surf mom Jane Tyndzik said. "I can relax and watch them, it's a good way to start the season and we're lucky the season is starting pretty early."

"I was surprised on the swells like pretty good size for how early the season is, great way to start off the season," Surfer Evyn Tyndzik said.

At times, beachgoers get too close. that's when lifeguards move in, as surfers relish this rare opportunity.

"It's best if the tourist just watch, it's good that the lifeguards tell them not to go out, 'cuz I saw a lot of people get hurt today (Thursday) at Pipe, don't want that at Waimea either," Evyn Tyndzik said.

For him and his mom, Thursday on the North Shore is one they'll keep boarded in their minds for a long time.

"It's a really good day to practice, 'cuz the waves aren't too big and they go out here when it's giant, the last time they were out here was 20-foot Hawaiian," Jane Tyndzik said.

An early practice for surfers with wave heights of up to 15 feet. Wave heights on the North Shore Thursday afternoon averaged between eight and 12 feet. Lifeguards posted signs along North Shore beaches warning people about the high surf and dangerous conditions. They say if you're unsure about jumping in, ask them first.

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