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November 12, 2008

What Goes

Mandated to save money during difficult financial times, the Department of Education threw out the idea of closing all public schools and offices for a number of days to save money.  Sure, it's radical, but anytime a business is asked to make cuts of up to 20%, logic and long-term implications sometime go astray.  Ending the school year a week early might save money, too, as would a couple of extra vacation days tacked on to existing breaks, but that's only IF all parties involved agree to the cuts, maybe through tax benefits.

Another solution might be to cut the sacred three R's of school to two R's; heck, that's a 33% savings!  No, it's not funny, but these are becoming somewhat desperate times, and the last people we want to see suffer are the kids or the hard-working teachers.  But something, somewhere, has got to give if education has to chip in like all other state entities.  What about cutting the legislature in half, you know, have only one house or senate, which is done (by the way) in Nebraska and Guam?  After all, our city legislatures are unicameral.  Radical for Hawaii?  Perhaps, but trying to ensure that there is enough money to go around ensures that the easier choices are long gone by the time we get to where we apparently are.

What services have to go?  What areas can be trimmed but then upgraded again when things settle down- perhaps in 2010?  One thing for sure- everything will need to be looked at quickly related to government services as the money to pay for it all is simply not there right now.  Think about it...

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