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November 10, 2008

Barack & Roll

A week ago, history was made in this country.  Never before had anyone other than a Caucasian male been chosen to the highest elected position in the land.  In one, singular presidential campaign we had a person of mixed race and a female on the ticket.  Progress? Most assuredly.  Reality?  Hard to take for some, but yes, reality... and a local guy to boot.  Born, raised and schooled right here in our islands.

So take a moment now to reflect on just how far we, as a nation have come after over 230-years.  Put aside your political leanings and realize that the best thing that can happen for this country, for our world, is for Barack Obama, to be the best president he can possibly be.  Put aside the ridiculous efforts to cast us into camps of red and blue, black and white, lefty and righty, and realize that the most important thing is for this president-elect to be a healer, a realist, and a deliverer of promises.  Actually, that wish is no different than the wish we all should have every time a leader is elected, whether it be George W. Bush or Franklin D. Roosevelt.

If you consider yourself a true patriot, an American interested in getting the best for this nation of 50 purple states, don't sit in the corner and pout or cast aspersions.  You gotta hope and strive for the best.  Because that's what it's all about- what's best for a unified country.  Yes, ideologies come into play, but working to heal wounds and solve major problems at home and abroad are priorities.  And maybe, just maybe, someone raised and formed with aloha spirit can make a definitive, positive difference in the coming years.  It's time to Barack and roll, America. Think about it...

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