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Veteran's Day celebrations held throughout the nation

Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen

By Jay Gray

(KHNL) - Veterans Day events are being held in every major city in America.

The ceremonies to honor our nation's most respected heroes actually began Monday at this memorial in Tennessee.

"I think these kinds of celebrations to keep the memory of people alive and keep people respecting what veterans have done," said Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen.

Tuesday morning, soldiers stormed Wall Street, sounding the bell as part of the start to this Veteran's Day.

For many, the memories are difficult.

Especially at a time when men and women are still giving their lives in the service of our country.

"Every man and woman who wears America's uniform is part of long unbroken line of achievement and honor," said Vice President Dick Cheney.

On this day set aside to honor their sacrifice.

Elementary students in California decided to give what they could.

Gathering up 2,200 bags of Halloween treats to send to the active troops, a symbol that touched this serviceman.

The candy should reach the front lines in time for Christmas.

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