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Family gets extreme xeriscape garden makeover

Nicholas and Celeste Barry Nicholas and Celeste Barry
Steve Dewald Steve Dewald

By Tracy Gladden - bio | email

PEARL CITY (KHNL) - With the current down turn in the economy, more people are looking for ways to save on basic necessities like water.

Nicholas and Celeste Barry watch as their front yard gets an extreme xeriscape garden makeover.

"With a front yard full of weeds, anything would be better than what we had to begin with," said Homeowner Celeste Barry.

They are the lucky winners of a $20,000 garden makeover that will save them both water and money.

"It seems our bills are going up up and up, so this I hope helps us," homeowner Nicholas Barry said.

Steve's Gardening Service is donating the plants and labor.

"Steve worked with us a lot and he talked about plants so he gave us heads up on gardenias, tea leaves, some ficus plants," Celeste said.

"It's an inadequate or badly engineered sprinkler system that wastes a lot of water and so plants, as long as you plant the right plants for your environment you should be fine,"Gardening Service Owner Steve Dewald said.

He says almost half of the water bill for a single family home comes from outdoor use.

"We're also going to install a rain sensor on the system so it will automatically shut down during the rainy season," Dewald said.

"They are going to upkeep it for a whole year that is the best part so I"ll be watching it for a year and then hopefully I can do the same," Nicholas said.

After Monday's yardbreaking, the project will take a month to complete. The Barry family hopes that this new gift will set an example for their neighbors and promote conservation in their community.

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