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Local family suggests ways to tough it out

Julie Everham Julie Everham
George Everham George Everham

By Kristine Uyeno - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- During these tough economic times, many of us are being forced to tighten our belts and cut back whenever and wherever we can.

But for people who live in a large household, it's something they're used to.

The Everham family of Honolulu includes mom, dad, five kids and even a couple of pets.

"That's definitely my first name, is Frugal. With a large family you have to be," said Julie Everham, mom.

The family survives on a single income. George, the dad, works as a Navy electrician.

"Around bill time, it's really hairy," he said.

Julie stays with the kids, homeschooling four of five of them. They know what it means to tough it out.

"One thing, I never buy anything that isn't discounted typically. It's rare that I buy anything whole price," she said.

That goes for everything, from food to clothes. Julie paid less than $4 for each of the girls' dresses. She says you can also get great prices by shopping at the right time. Hunting for holiday decorations, cards and wrapping paper after the season is over, saves her $300-$400.

Julie also spends a lot of time on the computer. Some companies offer free shipping, so shopping online can be cheaper. It's also where she finds coupons and discount programs, including the ones offered by some fast food chains.

"You just go online, you fill it out, when their birthday comes, you get a free kid's meal," she said.

She's also signed up with retailers like Toys R Us. The company sends her $5 gift certificates for each child's birthday. The family also has membership to places like Bishop Museum.

"It was wonderful, educational and for us, it doesn't cost us anything because we have our cards, we go in, I can pack a lunch, we can make a day of it," she said.

Mom is also the family's stylist. And by doing this, she estimates she saves around $70 a month, or $840 a year.

Although the Everham family is careful with their finances, they're also very giving. Donating money or time, whenever they can. They say being a loving, happy family, is what it's all about.

"If you can't afford that new thing, don't worry about it. Hug them, just be there, support them, just be there with your family, because that's what lasts, money doesn't last," said George.

To access the Web sites that Julie uses to get good deals and coupons, click on the Cool Savings and Coupon Mountain links on this page.



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