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Waldorf Schools holds green faire

Bill Gentner Bill Gentner
Melissa Fernholz Melissa Fernholz
Vickie Groten Vickie Groten

By Roger Mari - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Over the past few years Waldorf Schools in Honolulu has been teaching students the importance of sustainable living. On Saturday their annual faire was more than just fun and game, it was educational.

Even the information for the pre-fair planning was handled electronically, resulting in little paper waste.

These eco-responsible printing practices are just part of the schools efforts to let the community know their students and faculty care about the earth.

Since 2003, more people have come to the Waldorf Faire not only for the great food, student entertainers, and fun activities. The event is now about spreading awareness about our fragile environment.

"Our goal in the long run through this fair and through our curriculum is to bring sustainability, not only to the community of Waldorf but also to the community of Hawaii," says Waldorf Teacher Bill Gentner.

Sustainable living is part of the curriculum at Waldorf Schools. Students are being introduced to biodegradable products which can be used for school projects.

"If it's integrated into our daily life from the time that we're young, then it will just be a given as we grow up," says Parent Melissa Fernholz.

While students still learn about math, science and history, it's the physical world around us what teacher Bill Gentner feels is most important.

"A relationship with the earth with the environment and with each other is actually the best foundation for an education," says Bill Gentner.

Vendors at the fair use biodegradable plates, volunteer t-shirts are made of 100% organic cotton, and dyes for face painting are primarily, aloe and chamomile based. Nearly every activity involved helping to the environment.

"I wish we had as many people pushing us to be aware as this generation; we'd be in much better place," says parent Vickie Groten.

It's a practice Waldorf School teachers, students and parents hope will continue once the faire is over.

There are about 320 students enrolled at Waldorf Schools on Oahu. Currently the 10th graders are working with community groups to help clean up Maunalua Bay in Aina Haina.

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