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Dollar theater thriving in bad economy

Lulu Bagnol Lulu Bagnol
Denise Steele Denise Steele
Cesar Contreras Cesar Contreras

KAKAAKO (KHNL) - With our troubled economy, movie-goers are turning to a cheaper more sensible place to catch a flick.

With the average price of a movie ticket in town running about $10, customers aren't avoiding theatres, they're taking their business elsewhere.

"This guy, you can't go wrong, he was in Rowanda," said Waianae Resident Lulu Bagnol.

It's Friday night and Lulu and her friend Denise are scanning their movie selections.

" This has too much racism," said Bagnol.

Like many toughing it out in the country's current economy, these friends are going frugal at the Hollywood Theatres at Restaurant Row, where tickets are only a dollar.

"It stalls time before traffic going back home and it really makes a difference in your pockets because normally its 10 dollars," said Bagnol.

"A lot of local families we love to come into town, we like to do thinks but we think about the cost," said Makakilo Resident Denise Steele.

For the Contreras family, the prices is one of the biggest draws.

"We bought three tickets, soda, two hot dogs and popcorn and it cost us about 14 or 15 dollars. Compared to other places it's pretty good," said Honolulu Resident Cesar Contreras.

On the weekends, there are so many people long lines sometimes snake around the building with up a hundred people waiting. But the screens and seats may not be top of the line and the movies aren't brand new.

"It doesn't matter, for a dollar it doesn't matter, it could be out for 9 years and I'd still watch it," said Bagnol.

Families on a budget stretching their dime, or just friends having fun. It's a show that Lulu and Denise say keeps them coming back for an encore.

Shows at Hollywood Theatres at Restaurant Row says are a dollar most of the time, but prices go up to a $1.50 on the weekends.

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