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90-year-old Waikiki woman prepares for fifth consecutive marathon

Glady Burrill Glady Burrill

By Cindy Cha - bio | email

WAIKIKI (KHNL) - At an age when most people are settling into a retirement home, one Waikiki woman shows no signs of slowing down, as she prepares for her fifth Honolulu marathon.

She's known to many in the community as the "Gladyator." And this year, as she celebrates her 90th birthday, she hopes to prove, that age is only a number.

At 90-years-old, Glady Burrill is probably more active than most people half her age.

"I do a lot of walking. Sunday, I did 20 miles, Tuesday, I did 10 and yesterday I did 8. I keep at it, it's part of my life and it's not much of a change from what I normally do."

She's preparing for her fifth consecutive Honolulu marathon. Her goal this year, is to beat her previous time.

In 2006, she finished in 8 hours 36 minutes and 25 seconds. She says she would have beat that record last year, had mother nature not interfered.

"Last year I know I could have done great but the rain slowed everybody down and then when the sun came out, it felt like my feet were in boiling water."

Glady has always been adventurous. She was an airplane pilot, a desert hiker and a mountain climber. Now this great-grandmother is looking to add five-time marathoner, to her long list of hobbies.

"I just don't think about my age, God and I have a lot of strong connections and I try to take care of my health, it's important to be positive."

And she'll take that positive thinking, into the Honolulu marathon next month.

Glady has inspired so many people in the community that they often stop her for hugs and photos along the way but this year, she says she won't be stopping for anyone because she wants to focus on breaking her record.

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