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Layaway programs help families during the holiday season

Lili Taeatafa Lili Taeatafa
Kehaulani Decherong Kehaulani Decherong

By Leland Kim - bio | email

WAIKELE (KHNL) - The busy holiday season is fast approaching, and during these slow economic times, Hawaii families are "toughing it out" and scrambling to make ends meet. But a chain store is making it easier to make their dollar stretch.

Two K-Mart locations on the island have brought back their layaway program after a year's absence. They're hoping it boosts sales and helps families enjoy the holidays.

Lili Taeatafa gets an early start on Christmas shopping. Instead of paying for it upfront, she's choosing the layaway plan.

"We don't have to pay everything upfront," said the 34-year-old Ewa Beach resident. "We can just do the plan and make payments little by little."

Another appeal of layaway is you can buy Christmas presents for the kids and not worry about finding a hiding place in the house.

K-Mart stores in Waikele and near the stadium re-opened their layaway program this week.

"It's popular," said Kehaulani Decherong, a K-Mart customer service representative. "A lot of people have been calling to find out when we're going to reopen again and when we did, we had a lot of customers."

It's an eight-week program, where you put 10 percent down or $15, whichever is greater. You pay a little each week, and once it's paid off, you can take your goodies home.

"With the prices going up so high, not everyone can afford to buy what they want for their children for Christmas all at one time," said Decherong. "So that's why our layaway plan kicks in."

For folks like the Taeatafa family have a little breathing room just in time for the holidays.

"The price is going up for everything," said Taeatafa. "So we have to budget our money and financial things. That's why it works for us."

K-Mart's program started on Tuesday, and already more than $10,000 worth of merchandise have been put on layaway. Walmart used to have layaway, but they discontinued the program.

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